Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sorry for the blurry images, but thats what you get when you combine a 12 year old, a camera, and 4 wiggly squirmy, excited,hungry puppies.
My father in law had these pups, and he decided he couldn't take care of them due to his health, so we got them :).

And what do boys love more than anything? Puppies of course.

They are super cute. I am in love with them. If only they stayed puppies. But oh no, they have to grow up.
Like kids...too bad they can't stay little longer. I really took my time at home with my guys for granted when they were babies and toddlers, now they are teenagers and a "tween" and it is so scary knowing that in 2 years my oldest will be graduating highschool, going to college...ugh. I am gertting scared already. But all I know to do is cherish the time that the Good Lord has given us, and make the most of it.


Wanda said...

I enjoyed your photos Amber.
You have the perfect place to raise 3 sons. I have 6 grandsons who hike our woods and creeks.

Wanda said...

Amber, it shows you have 2 more recent posts, but I can't get to them for some reason, but I will keep trying.