Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am Sooooo excited!

I got a follower today. You would think I had won a bunch of money, the way I whooo-hoooed! Thank you Jessica, at http://jajalarue.blogspot.com/ for deciding to follow me. And thank you God for leading her my way. You have a wonderful sight, I checked it out briefly, and I will be back. I love blogs, especially clean Christian ones. The type that my kids can read with me.
We got new puppies today, beagle puppies. They are about 9 weeks old, and so sweet. There are 2 boys and 2 girls. I had to give them worm medicine today, I hope I didn't overdose them, because they look so much alike, I could not tell them apart to remember if I had dosed them or not. They will be fine if I did though. I already called the vet and he said they would be. I will post pictures later today, I have to go back to town this evening to meet my husband to do some business.
Oh, and I got a surprise for renewing my driver's license last month...JURY DUTY...The first time ever that I have been called. But I figure it might be a change from my day to day stuff that I usually do,so why not. But more later, I got to get a note written for my kids, and get on the road.


Jessica said...

Hey! Thanks for mentioning me! Love the puppies. They are so cute... just like little children... then they grow up. :( I long for the days when my girls were babies. They are now 13 (14 in april) and 11 (12 in July). Now they are sassy and OLD! When did this happen? ~*sigh*~
ps. my other blog is http://jajalarue2.blogspot.com/ .
God's Blessings!

chuck said...


I have found your site twice through RSS feeds about Ky. and hiking.

I realize it may just be me but your choice of backgrounds and colors makes it so hard to read. I haven't taken the time to read your efforts, which I am guessing I might enjoy, because the colors just do not work for me in terms of pleasant to read.

Good luck with your efforts. I suspect many people read you and I may be the only person who experiences your colors in that way.

Chuck Walters