Saturday, February 28, 2009

more cute puppies, and Cute Chickens? Are Chickens cute?

Do you see what I see in this picture? My tulips around my mailbox are coming up, and I am worried they won't make it through the cold spell we have coming up tonight and the first part of this week. So I went out today and put straw around them, hoping it will protect them...fingers crossed...maybe we won't get the 2-5 inches they have fore casted us for.
These are two of the 7 roosters we have. They are on death Seriously, we are going to butcher them and put them in the freezer to eat...chicken -n-dumplings anyone? mmmm good!

Here is a few cute pictures of puppies, or in the case of this one, puppy tails...this was about all I could get, because those lil boogers are fast...

Here's all 4 of them around Jobug's feet. They are rambunctious lil guys.

She found Luci's toy. Luci is the boxer who we can't keep chained, penned or anything. It is an insult to her if you have to put her up, she will find a way to get out.


Wanda said...

Yes...chickens are very cute...I have them all over my house...not live ones of course. Your tulips should be ok, actually snow acts like insulation in a way,from the freezing temps. Your spring bulbs are farther along than mine. I'll keep watching for yours to bloom.

Jessica said...

YES!!!! Chickens are very cute!! Never underestimate the power of a cute chicken! I have them in my yard and I have rooster stuff in my kitchen. Puppies are adorable.