Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chickens, weather, and hiking the back fifty

This is my Araucana pullet. She was a "gift" from my in-laws back in the late fall. We kept her in the house in my office in a cardboard box. When we finally put her outside in a pen by herself, it was cold. She has now been in that pen for 2 months, because every time we try to put her in with the other chickens, she gets pecked to death. They won't let her eat, she gets knocked off the roost, and the last time, they pecked off one of her toes. Chickens are mean, especially to the smaller ones. If you don't know what an Araucana chicken is, they are the ones that lay blue and green eggs. (I kid you not!) go to this link and read about them!
This is a view of our land from way back on the ridge behind the house. My kids were bored sick, so they asked, (begged) if they could go hiking around the ridge. So after much soul searching (yeah right! a chance to get them out of the house, and have the house to myself?) I said yes, but stay together, wear jackets, (yes, jackets, because it may be 50! degrees outside, but it is still the 1st day of February) and be careful. So they took off up this hill. (in below pic)

and they stayed together ^? There are supposed to be 3 boys, right?

And they wore jackets...tied around their waists.

But they did do one thing I asked...they took some really good pictures of each other and the winter landscape!


Anonymous said...

This is really cool. I have a hard enough time to keep up with myspace and facebook.

Jessica said...

Hi Amber! My name is Jessica and I found your blog by Googling chickens/rooster/farm/blog/KJV. Funny google right? Just looking for like minded blogs with NO cursing! You have a good looking blog so far and I hope that you will continue to blog and share pictures of your flock. I too have Easter Egg chickens and it always amazes people to see a green or blue egg. Stop by for a visit! God's Blessings.