Sunday, February 8, 2009


The snow has finally melted here, as you can see from this picture, which was taken yesterday from the ridge beside the house. The boys went on another hike (it hit60 degrees here yesterday!) It was a gorgeous day at Mattie! In the picture, you can still see snow on the hills surrounding our house,but now it is almost all gone. There are a few icy spots, which I discovered this morning at 5:30 when I went out to start my husband's truck.

These are the strawberry cupcakes my boys made last week while we were snowed in.My boys are a rare breed. They actually like to cook. I had found heart shaped ?cupcake? pans at our local catholic charity store, and I really like using them, and so do the boys. They made the cupcakes, iced them, then they disappeared, the cupcakes, not the boys.

This is a picture they took yesterday while they were hiking. This is the spot where we go when we camp on our mountain. My husband sets up a zip line, and the boys have a ball riding that thing. I haven't worked up enough courage to try it yet...
But now I have gotta get cleaned up for Sunday School, which we haven't had in 2 weeks, and get some breakfast made for my three noodle heads, who by the way,are still asleep in their beds...not for long though!


Train Wreck said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Thank you for the invite. 50 acres! Wonderful! Especially with boys. It is a beautiful spot. I too have a Araucana, she is golden with little black feathers, she lays a green egg. I have three chickens, I love them. It makes me happy to look out and see them in our yard. Thank you for entering my contest. Good luck. Nice to meet you.

Tenakim said...

welcome to the blogosphere! Thanks for joining in with KMFBAG! I think it's looking to be a great support system- good luck and I look forward to watching your progress. Also hope things are getting back to normal after the ice storm!