Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick children, has to be Monday

See what cute children I used to much they loved one another? The bigger one in the photo is Conley, my oldest son, he was 3 in this pic, and the little one is my Middle boy, Kenneth. He was 18 months old, I was pregnant with the baby, Josseph when I took this picture. Cute, weren't they?
Well, I can sure tell that this is Monday! My oldest is home, sick with what web md tells me may just be the FLU! My son, the healthy one, the one that usually eats like a horse, the one that never gets in his bed right now, knocked out on Tylenol cold & Flu nighttime medicine, until I can get a call in to his doctor, so I can get him in there. I hope it is just a cold, because with one child in this house who has asthma, we DON'T need the FLU virus circulating...luckily, my asthma sufferer is the one who has the FLU shot every year, because after 3 yearrs of hospital stays from the FLU, I don't want to go thru that again. So everyone, please pray for my boy, and my others and the treeman and me that it will be just a cold, ( but I doubt it, with a fever, body aches, sneezing, coughing, eyes hurting, headache, I doubt it) and that no one else gets it.

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Wanda said...

They were very cute Amber...and probably even cuter now!:) Hope it's not the flu...My g-daughter Alivia is just getting over an ear infection and so was her older brother before that. Take care and stay well!