Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our first egg from my chickens!

You might think I am a little bit off my rocker, but here they are! Pictures of the first egg from our chickens! I was so proud and happy when my boys brought it to me! I almost cried...not quite, just so glad that I didn't buy defunct chickens! It will go into scrambled eggs tomorrow morning for Sunday breakfast...mmmm good!


Wanda said...

It really is a very nice shaped- healthy looking egg Amber...I don't at all think you're off your rocker...not even a little bit!:)

Wanda said...

It was about 75* here today...I did yard work too, picked up branches on the hillside mostly...we had a few chickens once and I loved gathering the eggs, but a few were killed by a opossum, so we gave them to a "real" farmer to "protect" them.