Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Serenade

March Day Serenade
The frosty days are put to rest
As winter turns to spring
We cast an eye up to the sky
To what this month will bring.
A day when dark clouds gently brew
With not one leaf a stirring
When thunder peals as lightning cracks
A raging storm, enduring.
As shifting winds blow here and there
Without a rhyme or reason
When Ides of March come out to play
A turbulent sort of season.
We've waited long for nature's song
For freshness in the air
For rainy days and purple haze
For breezes sweet and fair.
A time of kites and windy days
A time when dreams are made
A time when God blows forth a kiss
A March day serenade.
Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson
Happy March! And may Spring be right around the


Wanda said...

I loved the March Serenade poem
Amber...March is my favorite month...and not because my birthday falls in's the beginning of Spring...fresh and clean...the poem says it best...Glad you posted it! Take care!

Wanda said...

forgot to mention...great picture!

Jennifer said...

amber- thanks for stopping by my blog! how did you find me? i guess it must have been through wanda? anyway, sounds like we have alot in common. i will be follwoing, and stopping by when i can!