Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chickens, cabbage, and the dreaded 4 letter word s***!

These are the fluffy lil darlins I posted about a couple weeks ago. http://kentuckysunflower-amber.blogspot.com/2009/03/here-they-are.html On March 18th, to be exact. They were only 2 days old when those pictures were taken. Now they are 3 weeks old, and they are huge! They are now outside in a homemade brooder on the back porch. Cute, aren't they? This next picture is my cabbage I planted last Saturday...see the white stuff? Any guesses as to what that is? No, its not the white stuff in potting soil...its the snow that has been falling all day here...Luckily, it is NOT sticking...lol.

Here is more of that yucky stuff, see the puppy? The flakes were huge...for a few minutes, I believe it was hail, it was loud, hitting our metal roof, but by the time I got outside with the camera, it was gone...

Here you can see the walkway to the house, this fell in just a few seconds, I am so glad it was almost 80 here yesterday,...if it hadn't been, we would have had a real mess here!

Now this little hen is saying "get out of here!" And on that note, I am gone!


Wanda said...

That little hen does look some what annoyed with you Amber!...We had some s***here today too...but just for a short time...Warmer tomorrow again.

Jessica said...

The chicks are so cute! We have a hen setting 4 eggs. I cannot wait to see what we get since we have different kinds of chickens.